Aaron first attracted notice as the founder of IDC’s Worldwide Payments Practice, which he led over 12 years to become a sought-after consultant and public speaker. Aaron is particularly known as an early champion of enterprise payments, and his framework for their implementation was adopted by many of the leading technology firms. Aaron is a recognized thought leader in the areas of rewards, mobile payments, and enterprise payments. At IDC, he participated in the development of a comprehensive IT Spending Guide that forecast bank spending on payments for each region, by bank tier and type.

This work led Aaron to FIS, where he combined the market sizing from the IT Spending Guide with internal sales data to discover the market segments with the highest potential for growth. This led to the acquisition of Sungard for $9.1 billion in 2015.

Most recently, Aaron was the Vice President of Research Operations at Mercator Advisory Group, where he developed new products, including a new form of vendor comparison, a worldwide spending guide, an Internet of Things (IOT) market model, and an expansion of Mercator’s long-standing customer surveys into Europe, with planned further expansions into Asia and Latin America.


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